One Man's Journey to Save the World...

One Man's Journey to Save the World...

Date: August 24th, 2022

 In 2011 Fukashima Diachi received a harrowing tsunami leaving a global nuclear event in its path.  

 While the world went back to usual like nothing happened one man Dana Durnford took to his ship to monitor the radiation levels in the Pacific ocean. Since that day, every day he broadcasts his findings on Youtube and his own website.  

  Folks his findings are grim but we need to hear it and change course. While he has tried alerting the authorities who you think would be grateful, instead, he has been attacked. and legally shut up.  

Yet still each day he fights for us, the animals, the plants, and ultimately the world. Although I have watched him explain so much and I have learned so much, I still don't feel capable enough to explain it as eloquently as Dana. Therefore I dedicate this page to him, and I implore you to follow the links to his website and youtube channel to investigate yourself.  

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